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Warranty Claims

If you're having issues with your AquaTraction installation, find warranty information or submit a claim.

What is the AquaTraction Warranty Policy?+
What is covered when a Warranty Claim is approved?+
AquaTraction will review all warranty claims, upon approval AquaTraction will enter the warranty claim into production planning. If pro-rates charges are applicable, invoices will be sent to the customer for payment prior to manufacturing. AquaTraction Corporation will cover the warranty for materials. If installation is required, the customer will need to coordinate with their independent dealer.
What do I do if my Warranty Claim is rejected?+
AquaTraction corporation will follow the standard warranty for all claims. If customer does not provide enough or sufficient information, claim will be denied, and customer will have opportunity to resubmit claim with required information.
How long does a Warranty Claim take to be reviewed?+
5 business days
What documents and photos are required to be uploaded during submission?+
AquaTraction requires approval drawing along with indication of parts customer is claiming under warranty. Photos of each part and areas impacted are required.
What if I don't have my order number or approval drawings anymore?+
All orders will be submitted with the customerís unique email address. All drawings in the system will have an email address associated with them. Please confirm you are entering the correct email address. When the order was placed, each customer should have received an approval drawing that can also be used. If a customer feels an email address was entered incorrectly, please reach out to your independent dealer.
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