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Dealer Standards

Dealers are required to hold the highest standard of customer service and quality. AquaTraction works with each dealer to provide training and support, to ensure standards are met regarding overall business, design, and quality. AquaTractions customers have learned to expect the best and AquaTraction expects the best from each dealer.

Aquatraction has a Website Design Company to help our dealers create a premier experience for their customers. If you are approved to become a dealer, we will work together to create a design that will support our brand(s) and help you grow your business.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an AquaTraction dealer. We partner with individuals and companies that have a passion for the marine industry and share the same values of providing the best customer service. Please fill out the information below so we can get to know you. A representative from AquaTraction will contact you.

AquaTraction Corporation

AquaTraction has grown from a small one-man manufacturer founded in Clearwater, Minnesota, into the one of largest marine decking companies in North America.

AquaTraction can attribute its success to providing the best customer service in the industry. AquaTraction has the best dealer network in the marine flooring industry, working with individuals that follow the same customer service oriented philosophy.

AquaTraction has the highest quality marine flooring, most durable and stain resistant flooring and industry leading lead-times. All of this in combination with the best dealer network in the marine flooring industry equals total success.

Our Dealer Family

Aquatraction is committed to our dealer network. We design the best products and right programs that will help to grow your business. Made up of nearly 50 dealers worldwide, our strong dealer network is one of AquaTractions' strategic advantages. We believe in building long-term partnerships with our dealers and we seek out those who believe in providing exceptional customer service. Each dealer is provided a defined territory allowing them to drive total success within that defined area.


Our continuous drive to innovate and make our products even better is why our customers love and choose us. AquaTractions engineering team and authorized dealers work directly with customers to understand concerns and drive overall continuous improvement. AquaTraction was the first to:

  • Pioneer the use of laser etching technology for detailed design
  • Design Comfort rubber padding for the bottom of the foam decking
  • Develop Technology That drives customers to our dealers' websites
  • Introduce Deep Cut Foam that retains its closed cells for better stain resistance
  • Engineer Custom fitted foam technology
Why Become an AquaTraction Dealer?+
AquaTraction dealers love what they do. AquaTraction has the strongest dealer network of all marine flooring brands. Aquatraction offers authorized dealers an exclusive territory along with the best and highest quality marine flooring in the industry. AquaTraction believe in true partnerships with dealers and will work with each dealer to ensure total success. Dealers are offered full training of all technology, shared marketing costs, dealer discounts and networked with the best marine flooring dealers in the country. AquaTraction limits the number of authorized dealers each year to control overall growth and ensure AquaTraction continues to provide the best customer service to customers.
What do I need to do to be a successful AquaTraction dealer?+
You must be customer serviced focused with good communication skills. You need to have the ability to answer the phone 7 days per week and address questions, concerns and comments. You must be hard working and a strong desire to work in the marine and fishing industry.
What Aquatraction product lines can I carry?+
AquaTraction dealers can carry all product lines that AquaTraction carries. The vast majority of AquaTraction dealer focus on end to customer custom marine flooring projects. With our in house engineering and design team, if a customer can dream it, we can create it.
What is the process for becoming a dealer?+
Complete the New Dealer Inquiry Form. Make sure to detail the areas you wish to cover as an AquaTraction dealer. One of our Dealer Development Specialists will contact you shortly.
What are the requirements/initial costs to become a dealer?+
Your Dealer Development Specialist will walk you through initial startup costs. Initial startup costs include measurement tools, computer and software, branding, website and travel cost associated with training.
Can I carry other brands?+
Potentially, yes, as long as the brand is not a direct competitor of AquaTraction. Your dealer development specialist will discuss all brands you plan to carry to determine if there will be a conflict.
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